MLAs have the power and have the voice.

A meaningful discussion meeting on “Children Issues” with MLAs and Media was organized by Lok Samvad Sansthan with collaborative Partner UNICEF-Rajasthan in Jaipur on March 13, 2019.

Kalyan Singh Kothari-Secretary Lok Samvad said that MLAs can advocate for allocation resources from budgets, establish strong policy directions, and debate, shape and enforce laws that protect children.

Leading MLAs from Congress Shri Harish Meena,Rafeeq Khan and from BJP Shri Ramlal,UNICEF Communication and Advocacy Specialist Ms Suchorita Bardhan,Dr Archana Sharma -Pradesh Congress Committee vice chairman and Media In charge ,Senior Journalists from Hindustan Times  Dr Rakesh Goswami,Mohamed Iqbal- from the Hindu, Rajesh Asnani from the News Indian Express,Dr Tabeenah Anjum from the Deccan Herald,Ashok Chaturvedi from Amar Jyoti,PR consultant Pradeep Kulkhestra were among prominent participants.

As the MLAs are principal representatives of particular constituents, including children, legislators are uniquely placed to give the views of children – especially those who are the most deprived and most vulnerable –“MLAs have the power and have the voice.” was the general opinion.

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