4th All India Media Conference.

Tele-summit 2019 for 4th All India Media Conference.

We thank you for your tremendous support and enthusiastic participation in All India Media Educators’ Conferences in Jaipur.

We are delighted to invite you to attend the collaboratively designed, unique and innovative AIMEC Media Conference-2019. We believe that this journey of AIMEC 2019 in Rajasthan’s ‘City of Lakes’ Udaipur from 27 to 29 September 2019, would inspire us and help kick-start a thought-provoking conversation amongst all.

Before the event, we are organizing AIMEC Tele-summit 2019. Please consider sharing your video with us providing your introduction, subject-expertise, i.e., brief about your work and finally your opinion or suggestion regarding AIMEC, ‘The Mahakumbh of Media Educators’, to make it more interesting interactive learning experience which would give a valuable contribution to the media sector.

We would share the video with our audiences and would be our pleasure to give exposure to the excellent content you are going to create here. Furthermore, your contribution will enrich future learning experience.

The video can be of a maximum duration of 2 minutes and an option to edit it. The video can be recorded using a mobile phone also.

These suggestions and videos we will use in a video series of AIMEC Conferences journey.

We will also consider certificate and mementos to three best entries, which will be decided by a panel of experts.

For this activity Mr. Manish Hooja, (DIRECTOR, STAR CPWEBHOSTING P. LTD., 9799320441), Ms. Lavina Shekhawat, Research Scholar (Ph.D.) with CMC, University of Rajasthan, Ms. Prithvi Senger, Research Scholar (Ph.D.) with CMC, University of Rajasthan, who were associated with all the AIMEC, will coordinate.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Kalyan Singh Kothari

Conference Chairman.

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Offline Registration Form PDF >>

Past Conferences Backgrounder >>

Tele Summit 2019 Video Gallery >>

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