Jaipur Education Summit

Dear Sir/Ma’am

It gives me immense pleasure to introduce MANASVITA Group as an emerging MEDIA GROUP engaged in the educational field via Print Media, Web Media, Electronic Media, Educational Events, Talent Search Exams, and Counselings, etc. to make people know about different educational scopes and opportunities emerging WORLDWIDE.

We have developed a wide range of networks in EDUCATION WORLD and now grown up as a brand in the market with launching many new innovative products eg: CREDENT WEB TV

Credent e-magazine, All India Oxyopia Exams, Credent Shikshak Ratna Award, http://www.aptayes.com, Living Chanakya Counselors, Miss Teen Ethnic, Pride of Pink City & Jaipur Education Summit.


The Second Edition of the Jaipur Education Summit will be organized ONLINE between 20th to 24th January 2021. The objective of the Jaipur Education Summit is to bring a change in society through education. So we will try to

  1. Connect youth to Change Makers who make a difference in society by their work, so they can get benefits from learnings,

  2. Raising the current problem of the education world and find out their solutions,

  3. Making a bridge b/w school, higher studies, and industries,

  4. Creating a set of information that provides a direct solution to students for their future plan,

  5. Explore offbeat career options so people get more job and achieve their goals,

  6. Giving a platform to the public to share their views for the empowerment of education,

  7. Designed various special sessions for the students so they can understand, how to prepare for their subjects and courses,

  8. Try to find out the solutions to Psychological Problems, Carelessness about Heritage, Values, Environmental problems, Health Issues, Gender Discrimination, Lowering Moral Values and Traffic Management, Economical Issues, Language Related Issues, etc.

Days: 20th to 24th January 2021
Platform: ONLINE on Credent Web TV and on their official YouTube Channel
Inauguration: 20th Jan, 9:15 AM
Closing Ceremony: 24th Jan 2021, 6:00 PM
Total Session: 67
Time: 10 AM to 7:15 PM everyday duration of Sessions: There will be four types of sessions

  1. 15 Min.

  2. 30 Min

  3. 45 Min.

  4. 55 Min.


  1. LIVE Talks with Change Makers

  2. Interactive Sessions with Experts

  3. Panel Discussions

  4. Live Talk with Topper’s

  5. Job Opportunities Sessions

  6. Career Counseling Sessions

  7. How to prepare for Subjects Sessions

  8. Motivational Sessions

  9. Psychological Sessions

  10. Edupreneurs meet

  11. Product and services launch & much more

Following are the Participants of the Jaipur Education Summit:

  1. Vice-Chancellors

  2. Directors

  3. Principals

  4. Teachers

  5. Students

  6. Social activists

  7. Art and heritage activists

  8. Entrepreneurs

  9. Education experts

  10. Government bodies

  11. Head of Institutions

  12. Business Owners etc.

We hope you will be with us for the successful management of the Jaipur Education Summit 2021. In case of any query please feel free to contact us on given below number or E-mail.

Thank you so much.

Sunil Narnaulia
(Chief Editor)

Mob. No. +91 9785 456789

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