Campaign for Voices of Children

A strategic goal to give voice to children and young people.

The campaign inspires creative talents, mindful learners to express thoughts (through photos/paintings and short creative films). It encourages building public awareness and moral force in the society to protect child right issues.

Through this campaign, we want to create a measurable difference

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Campaign Theme

One of the biggest challenges we face is a lack of awareness; therefore the following focus topics are:

>> How to strengthen the opinion about child rights among children, teachers, parents, leaders, policy makers, community and public at large.

>> Focused subjects can include of Child marriage/child labor/child abuse/ and Child Rights to Life, Education, Food, Health, Water, identity, freedom, Protection, State and National Policies.

>> Millions of children born in India with low birth, which carry a burden of a disadvantage with them into primary school, the big challenge is keeping children in school once they enroll.

>> Illiteracy is behind all kinds of ills, from gender inequality and unemployment to malnutrition and infant mortality and issues like child labor and population growth are consequences of illiteracy. Therefore How Illiteracy: A Curse on Development and the only problem hindering our efforts to become a developed nation?